There are many resources and portals devoted to art history and archives, and there seems little point in duplicating their work. This page therefore provides links to a few of the more established sites which contain relevant material, as a starting point for those who wish to pursue links to other resources. Those which are not in themselves portals also contain pages of links which may be of interest.

All repositories mentioned in the Register can be accessed via Archon, whilst there are links to the websites of the Register's partners and funders on this site's partners & acknowledgements page.

Sites are listed in alphabetical order.

Archives Portal

The Archives Portal is the National Archives' gateway to archival resources, projects and initiatives. It contains descriptions, contact details and web links to a wide range of sources that cover key themes such as the national archive network, digitisation, conservation, collection surveys and professional organisations.

Archon Directory

The ARCHON Directory includes contact details for record repositories in the United Kingdom and also for institutions elsewhere in the world which have substantial collections of manuscripts noted under the indexes to the National Register of Archives.

ARLIS/UK & Ireland

The Art Libraries Society, which aims to promote all aspects of the librarianship of the visual arts, including architecture and design.

Intute: arts & humanities

Intute: arts & humanities is a guide to quality Internet resources in the Arts and Creative Industries and other humanities subjects. It includes records from the old Artifact and ADAM subject portals.

Arts and Humanities Data Service

The AHDS is a UK national service which aids the discovery, creation and preservation of digital collections in the arts and humanities. Its five centres themselves hold and disseminate a significant series of digital resources.

GAAEL: Guide des archives d'artistes en ligne

The guide to the archival collections of 20th-century artists, collectors and galleries is a database allowing researchers to identify archival collections or individual items held in repositories in France. (The French equivalent of the Artists' Papers Register.)

History of Art Virtual Library

The History of Art Virtual Library is a collection of links relating to Art History and computer applications in Art History. It is aimed at everybody interested in art, but it has a special focus on the academic study of Art History.