Artist type term listing: C (28 terms)

Those whose occupation is cabinetmaking.
USE FOR penman and letterers
AAT term Clubs (associations). Private voluntary associations of persons for social and recreational purposes or for the promotion of some common object, the purpose is often indicated in the title. [SN adapted from aat]
Artists who are employed to disguise the appearance of beings or things so as to make them blend into their surroundings, particularly used to disguise military targets. [term first coined in 1915]
Those who do carpentry, especially as an occupation.
Persons who draw cartoons (humorous images).
USE FOR for Stonecarver. Persons who engage in carving or cutting a figure or design out of a solid material such as stone or wood.
Persons who engage in ceramic arts, manufacturing, or technology. W
Craftsmen or tradesmen who make chairs, especially those who design and create chairs by hand
Persons who make or repair clocks. W
Artists who work in collage. W
Designers whose work is commissioned for such uses as advertising, illustration, and the design, embellishment, or decoration of products. MAYER Use for Commercial designers
Use generally for associations of persons for carrying on commercial or industrial enterprises
Artists who create digital art works that emphasize the computer’s role in thier creation and apprehension.
Use for Art Connoisseur [NB term not in AAT, but is in major dictionaries] SN A person well acquainted with, and competent to pass a judgement in relation thereto; a critical judge of art or of matters of taste
People responsible for treatment, preventative care, and research directed toward the long term safe keeping of cultural and natural heritage
Use for people who make copies, especially those who copy manuscripts, music notation, or other documents by hand.
Persons engaged in costume design.
Those who specialize in costume history
Use for houses in the country, especially those that are large, have substantial property, and are used seasonally.
An organised body of people who have an interest, activity or purpose in common, with regard to crafts
Use for those who practice an occupation, trade, or pursuit requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill. For those who create or construct artifacts directly by their own labor, especially as their profession or primary occupation, use "makers."
Those who make, sell, or repair knives and other cutting implements. RHDEL2