Artist type term listing: F (15 terms)

Persons engaged in fashion design
AAT term Festivals. Gala occasions devoted to community observances, such as harvests or anniversaries of notable persons; also cultural events consisting typically of a series of performances of works in the arts. W
AAT term Packers. Use for those whose business or trade it is to pack goods and other objects for safe transportation and storage, such as museum objects or food items.
Requires SN SEE ALSO Still life painters, Botanical artists
Workers who melt and pour materials, such as metal or glass, into a mold; founders who are glassworkers also do fusing
AAT term Founders (originator). Those who establish or originate things such as movements, institutions, or communities.
Workers in an ironworks or steel mill, especially those engaged in the casting of metal
SEE ALSO Framers (for those who frame pictures)
People who frame pictures
One who supplies furniture soed
Persons engaged in furniture design
General term for all those engaged in the production, repair, and refurbishing of furniture. See also Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer, Chairmaker