Artist type term listing: P (32 terms)

SEE ALSO Maker, Artists' colourmen
Refers to people who practice the art of painting, which is applying pigments suspended in liquid to a surface to create an expressive or communicative image. Use qualifier (artists) For people who apply paint primarily to protect or give simple color to a surface, use "painters (tradespeople)."
AAT term Clubs (associations). Private voluntary associations of persons for social and recreational purposes or for the promotion of some common object, the purpose is often indicated in the title. [SN adapted from aat]
A painter of panoramas, a 360° view painted on the inside of a large cylinder and viewed from a platform at its centre
Persons who design paper structures and mechanisms, such as pop-up elements in books and greeting cards, cut-and-assemble paper models, and various types of paper containers. [adapted from aat term paper engineering]
Artists who specialize in making pastels, which are works of art created with colored crayons made of ground pigment mixed with a small amount of binder, either oil or water and gum.
Metalworkers who specialize in working with pewter.
Individuals who specialize in creating photographs, which are still images produced from radiation-sensitive materials, typically by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film, paper, glass, or metal.
SEE ALSO Archives
A number of persons associated together by common interest in photography (adapted from oed)
Refers to spaces set aside for photographers to work (Derived from Studios (workspaces) aat)
In the context of art and architecture, people who apply plaster, which is primarily a mixture of lime, sand, and water, to a wall, ceiling, or other surface, to which mural paintings may or may not be applied.
Persons who coat or plate articles with a film of metal, usually of silver or gold
Those who make portraits in any medium. USE FOR for Portrait painter
Places where earthen pots or vessels are made
Makers of vessels, tableware, vases and other ware out of ceramic
SEE ALSO Makers, Potters, Potteries, Ceramicists
AAT use Vase painter Refers to artists who specialize in decorating pottery by applying two-dimensional designs using paint made of metallic oxides or other pigments held in suspension in slip or another medium. The term is particularly used to refer to Ancient Greek artists who worked in these media.
Those who supply or apply transfers to ceramic items
Use for people in the commercial printing trade. For artists who make prints, use "printmakers."
Those who specialize in the history of printing
Persons who prepare, conceive, and develop drawings and other art work and prepare printmaking media used to print fine arts graphics. For persons in the commercial printing trade, use "printers (people)."
Printing establishments that issue small editions at the pleasure of the owner, often finely printed, perhaps on a hand press ALAG
An organised body of people who have a professional interest, activity or purpose in common
AAT term Professors. Teachers who have attained the highest academic rank possible in institutions of post-secondary education.
People, firms, or corporate bodies responsible for placing a book or other work on the market for sale or distribution to the public. For those active before about 1800, use "booksellers." LG5