Artist type term listing: S (18 terms)

USE FOR Stage designers, Theatre designers, Set designers. Designers of all visual aspects of a stage production, including scenery, properties, lighting, costume and makeup
Artists who specialize in creating images and forms that are carried out primarily in three dimensions, generally in the media of stone, wood, or metal.
Enclosed piece of land designed to display sculpture privately or publically
Artists who produce works that depict the ocean or other large body of water where the water itself dominates the scene. When lesser bodies of water are depicted, use landscapist. When ships, shipbuilding, or harbors are depicted, use marine artists/painters.
Artists with no formal training who create in order to express an often intense and very personal vision or aesthetic, and whose work is usually unmediated by the standards, traditions, and practices of the culture of the art world, as embodied by the international art markets and established art institutions
Use for craftsmen who make and sometimes also design shoes, boots, and other footwear, as well as repair or refinish them. For those whose primary work is to repair or refinish footwear, and sometimes also other items such as handbags, luggage, and belts use "cobblers."
A maker of silhouettes OED
AAT term Clubs (associations). Private voluntary associations of persons for social and recreational purposes or for the promotion of some common object, the purpose is often indicated in the title. [SN adapted from aat]
Artists who produce works that depict such subject as hunting, shooting and racing
SEE ALSO Glass painter
One whose employment is staining; one who colours wood, etc., with pigments which penetrate below the surface soed. Glass dyer or wood stainer (Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles & Occupations. Walters, Colin Countryside Books, 2002)
Persons depict arrangement of diverse inanimate objects, such as food, plants, artefacts
Use for stonecarver