Artist type term listing: T (14 terms)

Persons engaged in tapestry design
Refers to artisans who make tapestries, which are heavy wall hangings or other textiles characterized by ornamental or pictorial designs and woven by a process that differs from cloth-weaving in that the weft travels only to the warp at the edge of a particular color or pattern in the design, rather than traveling from edge to edge of the entire piece
SEE ALSO Makers, Textile workers
Persons engaged in textile design
Those who specialize in the history of textiles
Generally, craftspeople or industrial workers engaged in any or all of the processes involved in textile manufacture.
Use for factories in which ceramic tiles are made
Use for artists who produce works which show the graphic delineation of the natural and man-made surface features of a specific urban area, tract of land, or other place, especially so as to show their relative positions and elevations
An organised body of people who have a trade interest, activity or purpose in common
Refers to persons, usually belonging to a group or board of persons, appointed to administer the affairs of an institution, company, or other body. Refers also to members of the controlling body of a trust
SEE ALSO Horners Those who make things out of animal horn, such as combs & spoons. AAT term Turners. One who turns or fashions objects of wood, metal, bone, etc. on a lathe soed